Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2

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Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2 is an independent mod that features high-tech machinery. In particular, it provides low, middle, and high machines tier for Minecraft that use different types of power such as EU, RF or Universal Electricity.

Mekanism Mod Screenshots
Mekanism Mod Screenshots

There are many various methods for generating energy, one method for doubling to quintupling ore production, another method of crafting Steel, as well as some new tools.

This mod functions with the tier-based system whenever performing its key features consisting of Energy Cubes and Factories. There are a total of four tiers:

  • Basic tier: the simplest tier.
  • Advanced tier: the second basic tier.
  • Elite tier: the second-most complicated tier.
  • Ultimate tier: the most complicated tier.

The recipe for tier upgrades: put the component into the crafting grid and the necessary resources around it for the next upgrade.

After you have utilized Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2 for a period time, this mod will offer you a set of Obsidian armor, four ingots collected for every ore you mine, the hydrogen-powered jetpacks with many fight modes that allow you to fly everywhere you want, and, especially, a cute robot following you when mining.


  • Compatibility: Even though this mod can function just fine alone, the creator tried to make it perfectly blend once players install other mods
  • Ore Processing: This mod includes an advanced and expansive ore processing system for players to perform various processes from processing ore into electronic ingots by utilizing the simple machines, to obtain four ingots per mined ore by utilizing complicated chemical-based ore injection. This mod consists of the smelting process, and 2x, 3x, 4x duplication as well. The Combiner is also added to re-make any ore that you have processed.
  • Factories: they are multi-functionality machines that can handle many stacks of ores at once. These factories works with the tier-based system:
  • the Basic Factories process 3 stacks at one time
  • the Advanced Factories process 5 stacks simultaneously
  • the Elite Factories is better with 7 stacks
  • Ores: Every ore includes configurable spawn level as well as disable options in the configuration. Osmium is mainly used in machinery crafting but also can be used for creating armors and tools. Besides, this mod covers Tin and Copper
  • Armor and Tools: this mod supplies five sets of armors, tools, and a Paxel. It also has unique technological utilities such as an electronic multi-tool named the Atomic Disassembler and The Walkie Talkie for voice chat based on SMP.
  • Mining: the “Digital Miner” actually is an automated machine for mining that can select all resources as you want through a filter-based system.
  • Dynamic Tanks: they are actually multi-block tanks that have shapes of rectangular prisms. Combining
  • Dynamic Glass, Dynamic Tank, and Dynamic Valve to craft your tanks.
  • Transmitters: This mod provides many different ways to transport items, fluids, energy, gasses with devices called transmitters.
  • When providing a Redstone signal, transmitters don’t work.
  • All transmitters function all-in-one with Forge Multipart.
  • Transmitters holding buffers will depend on the number of transmitters in the network.

Some details of each type of transmitters are shown off below:

  • Universal Cable: has the ability to transfer, universal energy is transport from one place to another one.
  • Pressurized Tubes: Possible to transfer gasses from a place to another.
  • Mechanical Pipes: Possible to transfer liquids from a certain place to another.
  • Logistical Transporters: Their transferring objects are items and blocks.


  • Capable of transferring color-codes without dyes by shift-right clicking with the Configurator.
  • Arrange items based on the similar rules mentioned in the Digital Miner.
  • Round-robin sorting for the distribution of items equally
  • And much more..


Indeed, Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2 is a useful mod that offers a lot of high-tech machines to perform multiple functionalities from creating tools, weapons, armors to transferring gasses, liquids, items as well and many more features. You can get it free download here but remember to install Minecraft Forge and Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2 Core first.


Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2 1 Mekanism Mod 1.16.1/1.12.2 2


How To Install Mekanism Mod:

  • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
  • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Mekanism Mod Download Links:

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For Minecraft 1.12

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Mekanism Mod-1.12.2-

Mekanism Mod-1.12.2-