If you’re an addict in survival game and want to create anything you desire. Minecraft is the best choice for you. Minecraft is the sandbox that allows you to create anything you want.

This game with simple logs with square shape seems that boring but you can’t believe how to attract a game ever. Nowadays, a new Minecraft launcher allows you to play Minecraft even your operating system is Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Get the detailed instruction on how to install Minecraft and troubles that you may meet when installing this game.

Install Minecraft

For Windows

1. Create an account and Install Java

Firstly, you must have a Minecraft account. There are have many ways to create a new Minecraft account, but the safest way is that get an account on the official Minecraft website

After paid successfully and get your own Minecraft/Mojiang account, you can log in on the Minecraft website and click Get Game button.

Then, click Download Minecraft and run Minecraft file onto your PC (just click Next without any adjustment)

After run completely, maybe you will have troubleshooting. Your PC will notice the error because you may not install Java – a must-have software if you want to play Minecraft (If your PC have installed Java already, please skip the next step)

Step-by-step on how to install Java

  • Step 1: Check your Windows system type

Right-click on My Computer/This PC → Properties

Check your Window system type is 64-bit or 32-bit

  • Step 2: Download Java software

Visit the official Java website to download Java.

Choose downloading file according to your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux, and more)

Please take note that, you must select the correct file base on your operating system and your Windows system type (32-bit or 64-bit). This is very important because if you download Java ver Windows 32-bit while your PC Windows system type is 64-bit, Minecraft will run slowly and lag even crash Minecraft software.

  • Step 3: After downloading the right version Java, run this software on your PC.

After installing successfully Java, let’s start Minecraft now!

2. Sign in

For the first time you open Minecraft, you have a requirement to sign in. If you have Minecraft or Mojang account already, just type your account and password. Sign in successful, a Minecraft launcher appears.

3. Choose Minecraft version

You also can choose from the beginning to now Minecraft versions (Ex: 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.8.9, 1.7.10, and a lot of other Minecraft versions) in Edit Profiles:

After selecting your desirable version, click the Play button.

4. Launching Minecraft

When you start Launcher for the first time, data game files will automatically download to your PC. It may take a period, but the next time does not need to download again.

Once game files completed downloading, you can immediately start to play Minecraft!

For Mac

  1. Installing Java on OS X. on Mac operation system, you need to install Java for OS X 10.10
  2. Download Minecraft ver Mac. Choose the Minecraft.dmg link, this link will get the Minecraft installer for Mac ver.
  3. Run Minecraft DMG file and 
  4. Installing Minecraft by dragging Minecraft to your App folder. 
  5. Follow the next steps as Window ver.

For Linux

Step1: Install the graphics card

Step2: Graphics card makes Minecraft has a better interface. How to download and install the graphics card on Ubuntu:

  1. Choose ‘Software & Updates’ in Preferences
  2. In the ‘Additional Drivers’ tab, choose ‘binary driver’ then select ‘Apply Changes’.
  3. Install Java
  4. It has a bit of complex when installing Java on Ubuntu. You should run Java via terminal:
  • Open Terminal window
  • Type ‘sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java’ and Enter.
  • Then type ‘sudo apt-get update and press’ and Enter.
  • And finally, type ‘sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer’ and Enter.

Step3: Download Minecraft

Download Minecraft on the official Minecraft Website. File minecraft.jar downloaded.

After downloaded the file .jar, you need to set permissions for this file. Right-click on to file .jar → Properties. In the Permissions tab, stick ‘Allow executing file as program’ on a checkbox and Apply. 

Step4: Launch Minecraft

Launching Minecraft by double-click on file minecraft.jar to start launching Minecraft. Following the next steps as Window ver.

Some troubleshooting you have when installing Minecraft

1. Minecraft runs slowly, lags or even crashes a lot

One of the reasons why Minecraft is running slowly or crashing a lot is that you installed the wrong Java version that did not match with your PC. For instant, you have installed a 32-bit Java while your PC system type is 64-bit.

Another reason may be your PC not gain the requirements to play Minecraft. The good PC to play Minecraft would be:

  • RAM 4GB to 8GB
  • 1 GB of SSD hard drive
  • A graphics card

2. Installing Minecraft for Mac has a damaging error when you try to install it

If you meet this error on Mac, it could be an OS X setup to prevent programs that downloaded from other places without the App Store.

How to fix it:

  • In the Apple Menu, select System Preferences
  • Click Security & Privacy
  • In the section ‘Allow applications downloaded from’, choose ‘Allow from Anywhere’

3. Installing Minecraft for Linux does not run in the old version of Ubuntu

Actually, it’s so hard to play Minecraft when you use the old version of Unbuntu. But, it’s just so hard, it’s not impossible. There are have two methods to install Minecraft in Linux Ubuntu:

1. For Ubuntu 16.04 and above

  • Open Launch Ubuntu Software Store.
  • Search Minecraft on Store
  • Check the right Minecraft Application. 
  • Install Minecraft: Click install to start installing Minecraft. It takes a few minutes to download Minecraft and Java. It would have the reminder that you need to enter your account because this software can change your PC.
  • Play Minecraft: After installing completely Minecraft, you can launch Minecraft directly form Ubuntu software. Launched done, you can find Minecraft on Launch App.

2. For Ubuntu 14.04

With Ubuntu 14.04, you will not show Minecraft anymore, but it’s okay, you still can install via the terminal method.

  • Open Terminal: Press Ctrl + Alt + T or search Terminal on the searching box.
  • Adjust the packing list:

  • At the first line, type “sudo apt-get update”. If you receive the prompt to enter your password, enter your password.
  • Install snaps: Because Ubuntu 14.04 has to install snaps manually. You need to type “sudo apt-get install snapd” and press Y if you want to continue.

  • Install Minecraft: Type ‘sudo snap install minecraft’ to install Minecraft on Terminal. Then close the terminal window.

  • Play Minecraft: Launch and then play Minecraft.

4. Continuously have an error when playing Minecraft in Linux operation system

There has a lot of reasons why Minecraft for Linux has a problem. The easiest way to run Minecraft in Linux is to use Wine to run Minecraft version Windows.

As you know, it has a lot of programs that only can run in Windows. So, how consumers use Ubuntu can use those programs, caused by Wine. Also, you totally can play Minecraft base on Wine completely legally.

Final lines

We hope this article from A to Z on how to install Minecraft and troubleshooting you can meet when getting Minecraft is useful with you. Minecraft is really a good game to relax and enjoy after tiring working days and study hours.

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