How Do You Know If The Game Isn’t Available To You?

A: Minecraft Trial is only available in specific locations, which means there’s a chance your smartphone might not have a download button. Though Mojang is in the process of making it downloadable to a broader audience, you’ll just have to be patient. Sorry!

What Are The System Requirements?

A: The game has been updated to a version, which means you need an Android 4.2 or newer in order to run the game smoothly. You also can only download with an Android.

How Long Can You Play The Game For?

A: You have up to a 90-minute trial to explore the world of Minecraft. There will be a timer on your screen that shows you how much playing time you have left.

What To Do After You Run Out Of Playing Time?

A: If you run out of playing time, you can continue by purchasing the full Minecraft game. To do this, you can click on the Unlock Full Game button on the main menu.

What Features Can You Do In The Minecraft Trial?

A: Apart from a few restrictions, you can practically do most of the things that the full game has. That includes fighting against spawn monsters, using different types of block materials, or experiencing the vast world.

How Do You Know Which Features You Aren’t Allowed To Use?

A: When playing Minecraft Trial, if you input any features that aren’t included in the free version, it won’t let you continue. Instead, there will be a button that says Buy Minecraft.

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