Guide: How to download Minecraft Trial on Smartphones

Minecraft Trial

Minecraft is one of the most innovative games today that is suitable for all ages. With the popularity increasing rapidly, the demand for Minecraft is higher than ever. However, the downside is that users must spend a certain amount of money to play.

Therefore, it’s no doubt that the developers would create a new version on the phone. Many users have been trying to find an alternative game that provides them a demo or modded version. Thankfully, Mojang has finally released a Minecraft app available on Android that doesn’t require you to spend a single cent.

Being free to play, all fans can check out the game and experience a taste of what Minecraft offers without having to spend any money. As a successful demo version, Minecraft Trial has reached near the top of the most played chart in Google Play Store. 

In this article, we’ll teach you how to download and play Minecraft Trial on smartphones as well as essential things you should know when playing the game.

What is Minecraft Trial?

As a newcomer, you might be wondering what is Minecraft Trial, and how does it work?


Minecraft Trial

Well, let us tell you. Considered as a family-friendly arcade game, it’s an entirely free version of Minecraft that gives you a demo of the game.

In comparison with the famous Minecraft game, there are a few features you can experience when playing, such as exploring and playing in survival mode for free. However, other features such as creative mode remain locked until you purchase the free version. 

Players get up to 90 minutes to experience each world. Though many people would think that isn’t enough time, you’ll be amazed at what you can do in ninety minutes. Plus, you’re playing Minecraft for free, so there’s no complaining.

Similar to the full Minecraft game, you can use the player connection feature to invite your friends. However, you can only connect to friends using the Minecraft Trial version.


When wanting to continue playing the game, you can finish the Minecraft Trial first before deciding to purchase the full version. When knowing what the game offers, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Guide: How to download Minecraft Trial on Smartphones

Minecraft Trial

Expand your game

Once you buy the full version, you can explore the market place for unique maps, skins, and texture packs designed by your favorite creators.


As an addition dedicated to tech-inclined fans, users can customize their gameplay experience further by modifying data-driven behavior. Also, players can create their own resource packs to use as an add-on in the game!


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play Minecraft with a bunch of your friends?

When creating an account, you can play with up to ten friends from any platform, anytime, and anywhere. Players can also create their own private servers for more privacy.

Many games

Apart from the freedom of exploring, you can also socialize in lobbies to make new friends that share the same interest as you. With the large Minecraft community, there are so many people to meet. Additionally, you can play and compete in mini-games.

Should you download Minecraft Trial?

For those who are interested in downloading this game, the procedure isn’t so complicated.

It’s relatively similar to any other game downloads that you make and takes less than five minutes to complete, depending on your internet speed.

Although it doesn’t have all the Minecraft features and includes certain restrictions, it’s an excellent alternative for people who want to experience the Minecraft game on phones.

There’s nothing better than being able to play your favorite building game on the go, whether you’re at home or outside.

Guide: How to download Minecraft Trial on Smartphones

Minecraft Trial

How to download Minecraft Trial on Android?

Step 1

Make sure that your device is an Android before attempting to download this game. If you’re using iOS, you won’t be able to find this game in the App Store.

Step 2

Access your Google Play Store on the main screen of your phone. In the search bar, type in the keyword Minecraft Trial and click on the app.

Step 3

Click on the green Install button to download the game. Note that you must download the app produced by Mojang as all official Minecraft games require Mojang authentication. 

Step 4

Patiently wait for all 78.28 MB of the game to be installed. 

Step 5

Once it finishes downloading, you can click on the green open button to launch the app immediately. 

How to play Minecraft Trial on Android?

Step 1

Once the download has finished, open your Minecraft Trial app and click on the play button to continue.

Step 2

A new window should pop up, including world options, friends, and servers. 

Step 3

Create a new world and assign your world a name. For the default game mode, you’re only allowed to play in survival mode for the Minecraft Trial game.

Step 4

Wait for your resource packs to finish loading, and then you can continue playing the game.


How do you know if the game isn’t available to you?

A: Minecraft Trial is only available in specific locations, which means there’s a chance your smartphone might not have a download button. Though Mojang is in the process of making it downloadable to a broader audience, you’ll just have to be patient. Sorry!

What are the system requirements?

A: The game has been updated to a version, which means you need an Android 4.2 or newer in order to run the game smoothly. You also can only download with an Android. 

How long can you play the game for?

A: You have up to a 90-minute trial to explore the world of Minecraft. There will be a timer on your screen that shows you how much playing time you have left. 

What to do after you run out of playing time?

A: If you run out of playing time, you can continue by purchasing the full Minecraft game. To do this, you can click on the Unlock Full Game button on the main menu.

What features can you do in the Minecraft trial?

A: Apart from a few restrictions, you can practically do most of the things that the full game has. That includes fighting against spawn monsters, using different types of block materials, or experiencing the vast world. 

How do you know which features you aren’t allowed to use?

A: When playing Minecraft Trial, if you input any features that aren’t included in the free version, it won’t let you continue. Instead, there will be a button that says Buy Minecraft.


If you’re a hardcore fan of Minecraft and own an Android phone, don’t forget to download Minecraft Trial and explore the free features. Now that we’ve shown you how to download and install Minecraft Trial on Android, it’s time to start playing. 

There is certainly no limit to creativity when you’re in the world of Minecraft. Create an account, start a new game, and have tons of fun. Good luck!

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