The famous Minecraft game with a large world allows players to create their own houses or even build a kingdom for themselves. Minecraft is a game with simple images, not very special sound but has achieved success right from the day of its release.

It all probably stems from the saying: “In Minecraft, you will play the role of creation, using the magic hammer to create your world.” This unique PC game gives you an absolute freedom experience and an unlimited creative opportunity, all waiting for you.

About this game

This game has two versions on PC and mobile platforms, namely Minecraft and Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition belongs to the “sandbox” game category developed by Mojang which based on the Minecraft version on PC.

“Sandbox” allows players to create their world with imagination, creativity and the ability to collect resources. Games from Mojang also follow that rule, except that everything is “square” like you’re playing with LEGO puzzles.

Download and install Minecraft

Currently, the mobile version is available for IOS and Android operating systems. Besides, downloading Minecraft for the computer version is a bit more complicated because you have to install Minecraft Launcher and Java.

This software makes playing Minecraft easier and less error-prone. Besides, Minecraft Launcher also supports you to play more Minecraft versions. This article will show you how to download and install Minecraft for the PC version.

To download and install the Minecraft version for PC, you must install Minecraft Launcher. Minecraft Launcher is a tool to launch Minecraft which makes it easier to play this game.

It allows you to choose from many different versions of Minecraft, set up a simpler way and do not require a password to be able to play the game.

In general, if you do not know how to install Minecraft or feel that the regular version of Minecraft is a bit troublesome, then downloading and installing Minecraft Launcher will bring more efficiency and experience.

How to download and install Minecraft Launcher

Step #1: Download Minecraft Launcher here


Note: Minecraft is a trademark of The file provided above isn’t hosted on our server. This is the official link for Minecraft.

Besides, to be able to install Minecraft Launcher, you will have to install Java.


Note: The file provided above isn’t hosted on our server.

Step #2: Extract the downloaded file by right-clicking on the file and selecting Extract Here

Step #3: Open the newly extracted folder and launch Minecraft Launcher to start downloading and installing Minecraft Launcher to play Minecraft games.

If you do not have Java installed on your computer, the program will display an error. So you need to install the latest version of Java by following the path above.

Step #4: When opening Minecraft Launcher, the program will ask you to enter your Username, which is the display when you play the game. Then press Play to begin.

Step #5: Click the Version menu to select any Minecraft version that you want to play, New Profile and Edit Profile sections make you create your player information. After customizing, press Play.

Step #6: After downloading the Minecraft data, you can play Minecraft in Singleplayer or Multiplayer modes as usual.

With instructions on how to download and install Minecraft Launcher, it will help you play Minecraft game easily with many versions and make the booting method much simpler than normal Minecraft. Minecraft Launcher also supports more installation options. Besides, when playing Minecraft, if you encounter difficulties, you can use Minecraft code to overcome difficult gates in the game.

However, playing Minecraft on PC will face a lot of problems because there are a series of Java errors when playing Minecraft. Indeed, Minecraft often has problems with Java and it seems that the support between these two things is not rigid, so players always have to find ways to fix Java errors when playing Minecraft.

How to fix Java errors when playing Minecraft

Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 error

Step #1: Download the latest version of Java

Step #2: The Java installation interface appears, click on Install to install Java for the computer

Step #3: After the “You have successfully installed Java” message appears, you have successfully installed Java, click Close to close it.

Java Has Stopped Working Error

Step #1: Open Minecraft Launcher. Select “boot options” to proceed with the installation. Editing versions in Minecraft launcher supports Minecraft gaming.

Step #2: Next, you go to the “add new” section.

Step #3: Select the latest version because your new version has a problem, so choose the lower version and wait for Minecraft to fix errors -> Save.

Step #4: Go back to the main screen, select the old version and play the game.

Crash Bug Game Minecraft

Step #1: Download the latest DirectX version on your computer.

Step #2: After the download is complete, you need to extract it, find the DXSETUP.exe file and click open to run.

Step #3: Next, click “I accept the agreement” and select “Next” to install.

Step #4: Open the Start Menu and type “Advanced system” then access “View Advanced system settings”.

Step #5: In the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables.

Step #6: Here you look down the “System variables” section and choose to create a new “New”.

Step #7: In the Variable Name field, enter _JAVA_OPTIONS and in the Variable Value section, enter -Xmx256 -> OK.

Step #8: At Minecraft Launcher, activate 2 parts in the settings: “keep the launcher open while the game is running” and “open the log when starting the game”.

Final Thoughts

The above article shows you how to download and install Minecraft version for the computer. Besides, the article also shows how to install Java and common Java errors when playing this game.

Minecraft is currently available on platforms like Laptop, PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. The developers are looking forward to receiving feedback from the players to make the game more complete.